App Store Optimization tips

With more than 2.8 million Android apps and 2.2 million Apple devices apps (source), one of the biggest challenges that is faced by mobile app publishers is getting their apps discovered. If you are in the mobile app space it is imperative that you pay attention to App Store Optimization (or ASO) as even Apple states that search plays a huge role in how users discover and download content on the App Store.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing the mobile apps to ensure high rankings in the search results in the mobile app stores and to get the searchers to download the app. The primary goal of App Store Optimization is not to generate traffic to the app page but to convert that traffic into app users. A white paper by a recognized mobile analytics company shows that more than half of the users are finding the mobile apps via app store searches.

App Store Optimization Tips

Tips for App Store Optimization

Some of the latest tips that can be quickly implemented for boosting mobile App Store Rankings are


Research and find the top keywords you want your mobile app or game to rank for. Keyword research for ASO can be done using one of the many tools available like tune or AppTweak.


Choose a unique title for your mobile app or game that has good recall value. If possible, try and use a keyword in the title. Keep the title short as popular app stores limit the number of characters a title can have. Ideally try and stick to a character limit of 25.


The description of the mobile app or game should be compelling, relevant and optimized for the keywords that are being targeted. Description should clearly describe what the app does and the main features should be ideally placed in bullet points.

App Icon

The icon of the app should be unique and related to what the mobile app or game is about. Pay special attention to the App Icon as it is huge part of app branding.


Use the screenshots to describe the way the mobile app or game works. A little bit of extra work on the screenshots can go a long way in boosting the download rate of a mobile app or game.

Mobile App video

Depending on the type of mobile app or game create an explainer or a preview video of the app. Preview or explain the mobile app or game in the video while keeping the video length short.

Rating and Reviews

Having a high rating and reviews of the mobile app or game are critical to dominate the app store rankings. Aim to get positive reviews by requesting reviews from within the app and rewarding users who rate the app.

Choosing the right category for your mobile app or game improves the likelihood of users finding your app. Choose relevant categories and exploit sub-categories to improve the visibility of your mobile app.

Review Analytics

Review the app analytics which are provided by app stores to measure the search performance, user engagement and manage the marketing campaigns for your mobile app accordingly. Use the analytics data to experiment with various aspects of app store optimization and determining what works best for your mobile app or game.

As you might have realized, App Store Optimization requires a lot of work. Different strategies should be tested for App Store Optimization. A successful App Store Optimization results in driving consistent traffic to your mobile app or game.